viernes, diciembre 25, 2009


1. Gimme Some More - The J.B.'s
2. Pass the Peas - The J.B.'s
3. Think (About It) - Lyn Collins
4. Givin' up Food for Funk, Pt. 1 - The J.B.'s
5. Mama Feelgood - Lyn Collins
6. Hot Pants Road - The J.B.'s
7. Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again - Lyn Collins
8. Damn Right I Am Somebody, Pts. 1 & 2 - The J.B.'s, Fred Wesley
9. Take Me Just As I Am - Lyn Collins 
10. If You Don't Get It the First Time, Back up and Try It Again, Party - The J.B.'s, Fred Wesley
11. Parrty, Pt. 1 - Maceo & the Macks
12. (It's Not the Express) It's the J.B.'s Monaurail, Pt. 1
13. Same Beat, Pt. 1 [*] - Fred Wesley & the J.B.'s

1. I Know You Got Soul Bobby Byrd
2. From The Love Side Hank Ballard
3. What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You Marva Whitney
4. Soul Power '74 Maceo
5. Put It On The Line Lyn Collins
6. You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And l'll Be Straight The J.B.'s
7. Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back) Maceo And The Macks
8. The Message From The Soul Sisters Myra Barnes
9. Hot Pants... I'm Coming I'm Coming Bobby Byrd
10. Do Your Thing Lyn Collins
11. I'm Paying Taxes What Am I Buying Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s
12. Super Good Myra Barnes
13. Blow Your Head Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s


lunes, diciembre 14, 2009




  1. You Move Me
  2. A Leap of Faith
  3. One More Dance
  4. Twist of Fate
  5. Don't Doubt My Love
  6. That Was Then, This Is Now
  7. All for You
  8. Night Moves
  9. Time Zone
  10. Crossings

Personnel includes:
Tom Saviano (alto saxophone);
Bill Champlin (vocals, guitar);
Lee Thornburg, Steve Madaio (trumpet);
Randy Waldman (piano);
Tom Rotella, Jeff Golub (guitar);
Brian Bromberg, Scott Cannady, Stanley Sargeant (bass);
Vinnie Colaiuta, Stephen Saviano, Land Richards, Tony Moore (drums);
Arno Lucas, Lenny Castro (percussion).

sábado, diciembre 05, 2009


1. Just Kiddin'
2. Sit
3. Three Toed Sloth
4. Terrace, The
5. Acute
6. Quiet Hunt
7. Bach Mock
8. Plush Interior
9. Dusty Maid
10. Skyline

Greg Howe (guitar, drums, keyboards);
Kevin Vecchione (bass).


lunes, noviembre 30, 2009


1. Low Blow
2. Sweet Tooth
3. City Living
4. Do You Know Who-Continuum
5. Knee-Jerk Reaction
6. She Left Me
7. Grahan Cracker
8. Babytalk
9. Feels Like A Hug
10. Brain Teaser

Victor Bailey (vocals, keyboards, bass, mutron bass);
Kenny Garrett, Bill Evans (saxophone);
Jim Beard (Wurlitzer & Fender Rhodes pianos, keyboards);
Henry Hey (keyboards);
Wayne Krantz (guitar);
Omar Hakim, Dennis Chambers (drums).

viernes, noviembre 27, 2009


1 Damn Right I Am Somebody 6:00
Written-By - Fred Wesley , James Brown
2 Blow Your Head 5:05
Written-By - Fred Wesley , James Brown
3 I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin' 9:47
Written-By - Fred Wesley , James Brown
4 Same Beat (Part 1) 3:19
Written-By - James Brown
5 If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up & Try It Again, Parrty 3:55
Written-By - James Brown
6 Make Me What You Want Me To Be 3:57
Written-By - Fred Wesley , James Brown
7 Going To Get A Thrill 6:21
Written-By - Hank Ballard , James Brown
8 You Sure Love To Ball 4:37
Written-By - Marvin Gaye


sábado, noviembre 14, 2009


1. Prophet
2. Take Me to the River
3. Soul Pride
4. I Will Be There - Pee Wee Ellis, Van Morrison,
5. I Get Along Without You Very Well Listen
6. 2 Dock "C"
7. (Your Love Is) So Doggone Good
8. Far from Home
9. Tune With a View - Pee Wee Ellis, , Fred Wesley
10. Step
11. What You Like


lunes, noviembre 09, 2009


1. Can't You See Mee
2. Running Away
3. Love Will Bring Us Back
4. Lots Of Love
5. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
6. Hot
7. Pete King
8. Sweet Tears
9. Philadelphia Mambo
10. We Live In London Baby


sábado, octubre 31, 2009


1. Zombie
2. Mister Follow Follow
3. Observation Is No Crime
4. Mistake (Live At The Berlin Jazz Festival 1978)


miércoles, octubre 21, 2009


Fela Anikulapo Kuti (15 de octubre de 1938 - 2 de Agosto de 1997), multi-instrumentista nigeriano, compositor y activista de los derechos humanos. Creador del género afrobeat. Su hijo es el también cantante de afrobeat Femi Kuti.

El estilo musical que fundó Fela Kuti fue el Afrobeat, que es esencialmente una fusión entre jazz, funk y cantos tradicionales africanos. Se caracteriza por tener una sección rítmica, un trabajo vocal y una estructura musical africana más el agregado de una sección de vientos proveniente del jazz y del funk.

Las letras siempre tocaron temas sensibles a los derechos humanos y las luchas por la liberación de los pueblos oprimidos, con un estilo llamado «pregunta y respuesta» en el cual un coro responde a las palabras de la voz principal.

La mayoría de las canciones de Kuti se extienden por más de 10 minutos, algunas llegan incluso a pasar la media hora. Quizás, esa sea una de las razones por las que Kuti no fue un artista popular fuera de África. Antes de cantar en inglés, Kuti solía cantar en Yoruba, una de las 200 lenguas existentes en Nigeria.

Fela Kuti fue un multi-instrumentista capaz de tocar más de diez tipos de instrumentos, entre los que se destacan el saxofón y los teclados, pero también trompetas, flautas, guitarras e instrumentos de percusión diversos. Una vez que Kuti grababa un tema jamás volvía a interpretarlo en un espectáculo o en algún otro disco ya que decía que el artista debe crear arte y no repetirlo.

En toda su carrera grabó 77 discos.


1 Sorrow tears and blood
2 Colonial mentality
3 I.T.T. ( International thief thief )

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viernes, octubre 16, 2009


Bob Berg : Saxo tenor
Randy Brecker : Trompeta
Joey Defrancesco : Hammond B-3
Paul Bollenback : Guitarra
Dennis Chambers : Batería

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jueves, octubre 15, 2009


1.Dial MACEO
2.Rabbits In The Pea Patch
3.My Baby Loves You
4.I've Got Work To Do
5.Greatest Romance Ever Sold
6.Black Widow
7.Coin Toss
8.Simple Tooley
9.Latin Like
10.Closer I Get To You
11.My Love

Maceo Parker: Saxo alto, flauta y voz
Rodney "Skeet" Curtis: Bajo
Jamal Thomas: Batería
Kevin Hupp: Batería y percusión
Bruno Speight: Guitarra
Will Boulware: Órgano
Vincent Henry: Saxo tenor
Greg Boyer: Trombón
Ron Tooley: Trompeta
'Sweet' Charles Sherrell: Voz
Audrey Martells: Voz
Corey Parker: Voz
Diann Sorrell: Voz

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sábado, octubre 10, 2009


01 - Dr. Demento
02 - Moby Dick
03 - Craniac Trilogy - Tran
04 - Listen up!
05 - Swamp stomp
06 - Craniac trilogy - The extraction
07 - First thing this morning
08 - Take eight
09 - Craniac trilogy - The implant
10 - Bob
11 - Cranial joy - Completion
12 - Happy house
13 - Cranial meltdown - Dementia
14 - Blow fish blues
15 - Sitting ducks
16 - Once in a lifetime


lunes, octubre 05, 2009


The Lover
Paper Bass
House Mop
Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)
Baby Clams
We're So Happy
Between Two Lines
Friday Afternoon in the Universe
Billy's Tool Box
Chubb Sub (
Khob Khun Krub (Thai for "Thank You")


miércoles, septiembre 23, 2009


1. It is What It is
2. Love Shack
3. Excuse Me?
4. Life
5. Elephants On Ice Skates
6. Mirror, The
7. Sanford and Son
8. Mr. Miller
9. Martinis At the Velvet Lounge?
10. Saul Goode
11. Anticipation, The
12. Heaven
13. Slap Happy

Brian Bromberg,
Dan Siegel,
Dave Weckl,
Eric Marienthal,
George Duke,
Gerald Albright,
Jeff Lorber,
Patrice Rushen,
Randy Brecker,
Richard Elliot,
Rick Braun.


miércoles, septiembre 16, 2009


Brian Bromberg (acoustic & electric basses, programming);
Eric Marienthal, Gary Meek (saxophone);
Brian Culbertson, David Benoit (piano);
Jeff Lorber, Tom Zink (keyboards, programming);
Joel Taylor (drums); Alex Acuna (percussion);
Lisa Fisher (background vocals).

1. Never Give Up
2. Choices
3. Bobblehead
4. Snuggle Up
5. Come to Me
6. B2
7. Why?
8. Bass Face Intro
9. Bass Face
10. When I Look in Your Eyes
11. Lazy Afternoon
12. Audubon Park
13. Hear Our Cry Intro
14. Hear Our Cry

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lunes, septiembre 07, 2009


01. Down The Wire (5:57)
02. Unspoken (5:51)
03. Not For Nothin' (5:02)
04. Island Pond (6:00)
05. The Tippin' Point (5:24)
06. Ice Mountain (6:58)
07. A Flower For Annie Jeanette (7:05)
08. La Zona Rosa (6:22)
09. What It Is (6:23)
10. A Distant Memory (4:42)
11. Make It Mine (5:30)

Tom Schuman: Keyboards
Scott Ambush: Bass
Jay Beckenstein: Saxophones
Julio Fernandez: Guitars
Bonny B: Drums, Percussion, Vocals


sábado, agosto 29, 2009


1. To Be or Not to Be
2. Slick
3. Dance of the Spirits
4. Then and Now
5. Thinking of You
6. Mister M.D.
7. Best of Friends
8. Turkish Delight
9. Blue Blues
10. Welcome... To My "Chambers"
11. Caribbean Sunset
12. For the Folks Back Home

Tom Coster (keyboards),
Bob Berg (sax),
Frank Gambale (guitar),
Alfonso Johnson (bass),
Dennis Chambers (drums),
Raul Rekow (congas),
Karl Perazzo (Timbales)


martes, agosto 25, 2009


1.Time Tunnel
2.Come On In
3.Beneath The Surface
4.Cat Walk
5.Around The World
7.A Little Something
8.From Naples To Heaven
9.Baton Rouge
10.Fine Line
11.High Wire

Steve Smith - Drums
Tom Coster - Keybords
Frank Gambale - Guitar
Baron Browne - Bass


martes, agosto 18, 2009


01. Hear Now
02. Slip'n Side
03. So Close to the Sun
04. Greenwood
05. Your Move
06. Cross Currents
07. Three Tears
08. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)
09. Traveling Light
10. Roxanne's Dance


lunes, agosto 10, 2009


Gerald Veasley (born July 28, 1955) is an American jazz bass guitarist.
Veasley was born and raised in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania where he played in R & B groups as a teenager. He worked with Joe Zawinul from 1988 to 1995, and began releasing his own records in 1992. He has also done extensive work as a studio musician. His 2008 release Your Move hit #12 on the U.S. Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.. Veasley has also worked as a smooth jazz DJ on WJJZ in Philadelphia.


01. Shango
02. Valdez in the Country
03. Coup de Ville
04. Sugar Time
05. Deeper
06. Forever
07. On the Fast Track
08. Spy Is Back, The
09. Bread Puddin'
10. Celebrating Sipho

Gerald Veasley (bass guitar);
Chris Farr (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Matt Cappy (trumpet);
Jeff Bradshaw (trombone);
Peter Kuzma (organ, keyboards, synthesizer);
Mark Knox, Will Brock (keyboards);
Eric Greene (drums);
Pablo Batista (congas, percussion).

jueves, julio 30, 2009


01.Under a Groove
03.Fire Dance
04.Your Smile
05.My Favorite Things
08.Movin On
09.Style and Reason
10.If You Want Me to Stay
12.Until You Come Back to Me
Donald Patterson was born in Dallas, Texas. Donald is a professional bassist who is skilled in the electric bass and has performed extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. Donald Patterson has performed in concert with a host of artists including Phillip Bailey, Kirk Whalum, Howard Hewett, Brian Mcknight and a host of others. He has also toured throughout the U.S. with Peter White, Marc Antoine, Rick Braun and Kirk Whalum in Guitars, and Saxes. Donald has recorded with such notable artists as Ray Charles, and Kirk Whalum and can be heard on the Grammy nominated CD Motown Comes Home. Donald is currently performing with Peter White. In addition to performing and recording, Donald received his Music degree from Texas Southern University.

domingo, julio 26, 2009


01. Funky G (4:17)
02. Can't Help It (4:38)
03. This Is Me (3:55)
04. Just A Taste (0:59)
05. YLKMS (Your Love Keeps Me Strong) (4:14)
06. 201 Lynwood (5:43)
07. About That (5:15)
08. Palladium (7:18)
09. Lil GoGo (4:59)
10. Amazing Grace (2:35)

martes, julio 14, 2009


1. Acidhead
2. Ideofunk
3. Jungle Fiction
4. I Brake 4 Monster Booty
5. Animal Farm
6. Offspring
7. Tomorrow Land
8. Uberjam
9. Polo Towers
10. Snap Crackle Pop

Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, New York between July & September 2001.
John Scofield Band:
John Scofield (electric guitar);
Avi Bortnick (acoustic & electric guitars, samples);
Jesse Murphy (bass);
Adam Deitch (drums).
Additional personnel:
Karl Denson (saxophone, flute);
John Medeski (Clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ, Mellotron).



1. Techno
2. Still Warm
3. High And Mighty
4. Protocol
5. Rule Of Thumb
6. Picks And Pans
7. Gil B643

John Scofield - guitar
Don Grolnick - keyboards
Darryl Jones - bass
Omar Hakim - drums

martes, julio 07, 2009


SCOTT KINSEY Comenzó estudiando piano a una temprana edad, y casi inmediatamente se ínteresó por el sintetizador. Tras graduarse en el Berklee College of Music de Boston en 1991, se traslado a Los Angeles.Ha sido el teclista habitual del grupo TRIBAL TECH desde 1991. Su estilo está fuertemente influenciado por el también teclista Joe Zawinul. Se caracteriza por sus grandes dotes de creatividad, combinando con sus teclados virtuosismo y tecnología , creando en sus intervenciones unos climas únicos e inigualables, que le han llevado a participar varias bandas sonoras de películas; «Ocean’sEleven», «Code46», «Stander»,»Confessions of a Dangerous Mind», «Brown Sugar», «Analyze That!» y «Ocean’s Twelve».El album KINESTHETICS supone su debut en solitario liderando un magnífico reparto de artistas que convierte este trabajo en uno de los mejores de los últimos años en el mundo del Jazz Rock Fusión


01. Kinesthetics
02. This is That
03. Sometimes I...
04. The Combat Zone
05. Quartet
06. Wishing Tree
07. Big Rock
08. Uncle Pats Gypsy Van
09. Under Radar Intro
10. Under Radar
11. Shinjuku
12. One for Jinshi

Scott Kinsey (melodica, piano, keyboards, vocoder)
Michael Landau, Scott Henderson (guitar)
Steve Tavaglione (alto flute, bass clarinet, saxophone, EWI)
Gary Willis (electric bass)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drums).
Arto Tuncboyaciyan (vocals, percussion)
Jinshi Ozaki (acoustic guitar)
Tim Hagans, Walt Fowler (trumpet)
Robert Leslie Hurst III (acoustic bass)
Abraham Laboriel (electric bass)
Ronald Bruner Jr., Kirk Covington, Cyril Atef (drums)
Alex Acuna (percussion).

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viernes, julio 03, 2009


01 - growing
02 - wind sprint
03 - seaching, finding
04 - bajo bajo
05 - change of season
06 - our family
07 - peace and quiet time
08 - crestline
09 - zaragoza
10 - then and now
11 - killeen
12 - the view


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domingo, junio 21, 2009


1. To be or not to be (5:23)
2. Basic funk: 101 (8:48)
3. What you know about funk? (5:08)
4. ABC (8:19)
5. Song for my teacher (4:18)
6. Speed reading (It-Si-Bi-Ya) (5:05)
7. What a wonderful world (5:49)
8. Arts & crafts (3:49)
9. Advanced funk (5:52)
10. I'm gonna teach you (5:26)

Maceo Parker (vocals, alto saxophone, percussion); Candy Dulfer (vocals, alto saxophone); Corey Parker (vocals); Bruno Speight (guitar); Peter Weniger (tenor saxophone); Ron Tooley (trumpet); Greg Boyer (trombone); Morris Hayes (Hammond b-3 organ, keyboards); Rodney "Skeet" Curtis (bass instrument); Jamal Thomas (drums); Martha High, Kip Blackshire, Sadie Hayes (background vocals).

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martes, junio 16, 2009


1. Up For the Down Stroke
2. A Blow for Me, a Toot for You
3. When in Doubt: Vamp
4. Between Two Sheets
5. Four Play
6. Peace Fugue
7. A Blow for Me, a Toot for You (new remix)
8. Four Play (new remix)
9. Interview w/ George clinton

Fred Wesley: tb
Maceo Parker: as, ts
Rick Gardner: tpt
Richard "Kush" Griffith: tpt
Drums: Jerome Brailey, Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Bootsy Collins
Guitars: Phelps Collins, Garry shider, Mike Hampton,
Bootsy Collins, Glen Goins
Bass: Bootsy Collins
Synth, Keys: Bernie Worrell
Additional Horns: The Brecker Brothers background

martes, junio 09, 2009


1House Party
2Bop To The Boogie
3Still On The Loose
4I Make Music
5If This Be A Dream
6Let's Go Dancing
7Are You Guilty?
8Life Is Wonderful

Bass - Lewis Du Priest
Drums - Melvin Webb Engineer - Jim Shifflett
Guitar - Butch Bonner , Spencer Bean
Keyboards - David Li , Delbert Taylor , Gary Bell ,
Rudy Copeland Mastered By - Linda Clay
Percussion - David Li , Delbert Taylor ,
Melvin Webb , Razz Abu-Nguinea Producer,
Arranged By - Fred Wesley
Saxophone - David Li
Trombone - Fred Wesley
Trumpet - Delbert Taylor
Vocals - Alton McClain , D'Marie Warren ,
David Li , Delbert Taylor , Fannie Dees ,
Lewis Du Priest , Lyn Collins , Melvin Webb ,
Robyrda Stiger , Rudy Copeland , Spencer Bean


miércoles, junio 03, 2009


1Getcho Money Ready
2Geek Goom
3The Ballad of Beulah Baptist
4Wuda Cuda Shuda
5I Love You Like a Brother
6Can't Leave It Alone
7El Paso
9Get Down Widcho Baad Self
10Ernie's Bag
11Email for Dad
12Smooth Move

Fred Wesley (trombone);
Reggie Ward (vocals, guitar);
Bruce Cox (vocals, drums);
Ernie Fields Jr. (alto Saxophone, flute, bagpipes);
Gary Winters (trumpet, flugelhorn);
Barney McAll (keyboards);
Michael Mondesir (bass).

domingo, mayo 31, 2009


1Hit The Hay
2 Blue Eyed Savior
3 No More Doubt
4 Tubby
5 Silverback
6 Rooster
7 Sweet Lord
8 Church Groove
9 Happy Dance
10 Pull Together
11 Doxology

Oteil Burbridge - bass
Mark Kimbrell - guitars
Jason Crosby - keyboards, violin
Chris Fryar - drums
Kebbi Williams - tenor saxophone
Paul Henson - vocals

viernes, mayo 29, 2009


01 I Like it like that
02 Homeboy
03 Push
04 Evening in New York
05 Whats goes Around
06 Chillin with Fred
07 Picture on the wall
08 Bop U

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sábado, mayo 23, 2009


01. Blast
02. Funk Joint
03. Free
04. Higher Ground
05. Milky Way
06. Pluck (Interlude)
07. Lost Without U
08. Cause I Want You
09. Ooh
10. When I Fall In Love
11. Strum
12. Jean Pierre
13. What Is Hip?
14. Lost Without U (Spoken Word)
Marcus Miller: bajos eléctricos, guitarras, órgano, sitar,
clarinete, clarinete bajo, teclados, programaciones, bongó,
triángulo, percusión, coros, etcétera...
Teddy Campbell, Jason "JT" Thomas, Poogie Bell: batería
Andrea Braido, Paul Jackson Jr.: guitarra
David Sanborn: saxo alto
Tom Scott, Keith Anderson: saxo tenor
Bobby Sparks, Chester Thompson, Bernard Wright: teclados
Patches Stewart; trompeta, flugelhorn
Gregoire Maret: armónica
Lalah Hathaway, Corinne Bailey Rae,
Taraji P Henson, Shihan the Poet: voces
The Ivey Sisters, Gussie Miller: coros

lunes, mayo 18, 2009


1. Funky Nuts
2. Blackbird Special
3. My Feet Can't Fail Me Now
4. Getin' in the Cut
5. Reprieve
6. I Hold the Key
7. Five Aquariums
8. L'Ascenseur
9. Flow On
10. In the Meantime

Gregory Davis (Trumpet and Vocals)Efrem Towns (Trumpet)
Roger Lewis (Baritone and Soprano Saxophone)
Kevin Harris (Tenor Saxophone and Vocals)
Revert Andrews (Trombone)Richard Knox (Keyboards)
Julius McKee (Sousaphone, Double Bass and Bass Guitar)
Terence Higgins (Drums and Vocals)
Jimmie Moliere (Guitar) - 1,2,5,7,9
Damon J. Batiste (Conga and Djembe) - 2,3,6,7

viernes, mayo 15, 2009


1. Slings and Arrows
2. Midnight Voyage
3. Song For Bilbao
4. Beau Rivage
5. African Skies
6. Introduction to Naked Soul
7. Naked Soul
8. Willie T.
9. Cabin Fever

Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone)
Joey Calderazzo, McCoy Tyner (piano)
Pat Metheny (guitar, synthesizer)
Dave Holland (bass)
Jack DeJohnette (drums)
Don Alias (percussion)


martes, mayo 12, 2009


01 - No Sweat (6:41)
02 - Knothead (7:56)
03 - The Everlasting Night (7:04)
04 - Stagger (9:07)
05 - Liquified (6:40)
06 - Easy Street (7:14)
07 - 'Til The Cows Come Home (11:22)
08 - Knothead II (2:54)
09 - Ancient Promise (4:52)
10 - Hymn (4:54)

Dennis Chambers - Drums

Scott Kinsey - Keyboards

Steve Tavaglione - Saxophone, EWI

David Torn - Mastering

Gary Willis - Bass, Producer.


jueves, mayo 07, 2009


01. Sure Fire One
02. Diz
03. Stop by Monie's[Featuring Simone]
04. Everbody's Got One
05. Show Me
06. Sex Tablet
07. All Blues
08. Sweet Pea
09. Donkey Punch
10. Dysfunction[Featuring Simone]
11. Rocket Scientist
12. Spam Sucker
Mars Williams: Saxo alto, tenor, soprano y sopranino y flauta
Ron Haynes: Trompeta y Fliscornio
John Janowiak: Trombón
Tom Sanchez: Guitarra
Rick Showalter: Bajo
Dan Leali: Batería
DJ Ajax: Equipo DJDirty
MF: Rapero (Track 5)
Brian "MCB" Quarles: Rapero (Track 1)
Simone: Vocals (Tracks 3 & 10)
Newt Cole: Percussion
Chris "Hambone" Cameron: Teclados

martes, mayo 05, 2009


1. Watermelon Man
2. Actual Proof
3. Hang up Your Hang Ups
4. Heartbeat
5. Kuru/Speak Like a Child
6. Cantaloupe Island
7. Swamp Rat
8. Come Running to Me
9. 4 A.M.
10. Everybody's Broke
11. Rockit


lunes, abril 27, 2009


1. Wicked
2. Get Up!
3. Where Are You Calling From?
4. Fuse
5. Tokyo Dreamin'
6. Jin-Jin
7. Promised
8. Safari Run
9. Silk Storm

Akira Jimbo - Drums
Abraham Laboriel - Bass
Otmaro Ruiz - Piano & Fender Rhodes
Frank Gambale - Electric Guitar

domingo, abril 26, 2009


1 Jimbomba
2 Emerald Coast
3 Snaked
4 Sun Flower
5 Milky Haze
6 See The Light
7 Spiral Dream
8 Genkideska
9 Wave Of Hope

Akira Jimbo-Drums,programming
Michael Landau-Guitar on tracks 2,3,5,6,7
Abraham Laboriel-Bass-Vocal
Otmaro Ruiz-Piano,Fender Rhodes,Wurlitzer,Vocal




sábado, abril 25, 2009


El trompetista de jazz Roy A. Hargrove nació el 16 de octubre de 1969 en Waco, Texas (Estados Unidos).Su potencial y talento fueron descubiertos por Wynton Marsalis, cuando éste visitó su escuela, Dallas’s Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Durante su estancia en esta escuela, Hargrove tuvo la oportunidad de escuchar a David «Fathead» Newman, que tocaba para la Ray Charles Band, y que se convertiría en una de sus influencias musicales más destacadas. Aunque el sonido de Hargrove es fácilmente reconocible y original, también ha recibido influencias de Freddie Hubbard, Fats Navarro, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan y Clifford Brown.Hargrove estuvo un año (1988-1989) estudiando en el Boston’s Berklee College of Music, pero era más fácil encontrarlo en jam sessions de Nueva York, por lo que finalmente se trasladó a The New School en esta ciudad. Realizó su primera grabación en Nueva York con el saxofonista Bobby Watson. Poco tiempo después participó en una grabación con Superblue, Watson, Mulgrew Miller y Kenny Washington. En 1990 lanzó su primer álbum en solitario, Diamond in the Rough, de la discográfica Novus/RCA, para la que grabaría sus cuatro siguientes trabajos.Posteriormente firmó un contrato con Verve Records, lo que le dio la oportunidad de trabajar con algunos de los saxofonistas tenores más destacados del momento en With the Tenors of Our Time, que incluía a Joe Henderson, Stanley Turrentine, Johnny Griffin, Joshua Redman y Brandford Marsalis.


1. Distractions (Intro)
2. Crazy Race
3. Kansas City Funk
4. On The One
5. Family Listen
6. Distractions 2
7. A Place
8. Hold On
9. Bull***t
10. Distractions 3
11. Can't Stop
12. Distractions 4


jueves, abril 23, 2009



01 Don't Go. 4:20
02 E Carnival. 5:00
03 My Space. 4:56
04 I Do I Love You. 4:07
05 Made In New York. 4:08
06 Together. 4:43
07 Forock. 2:57
08 Walking In The Rain. 6:41

domingo, abril 19, 2009


01. Moonshine
02. Mean Machine
03. Tickle Me
04. Don't You Understand
05. Good Groove
06. We Ate
07. Do You Think It's True
08. In Time
09. In the Pocket

Haakon Graf - keys
Ulf Wakenius - guitar
Gary Grainger - bass
Dennis Chambers - drums


1. 'S About Time
2. Up In Betty's Room
3. Oleo
4. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
5. The Good Life
6. Love Me With All Your Heart

Don Patterson B3 organ
Booker Ervin tenor sax
Billy James drums


jueves, abril 16, 2009


US 3

1 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
2 - I Got It Goin' on
3 - Different Rhythms Different People
4 - It's Like That
5 - Just Another Brother
6 - Cruisin'
7 - I Go to Work
8 - Tukka Yoot's Riddim
9 - Knowledge of Self
10 - Lazy Day
11 - Eleven Long Years
12 - Make Tracks
13 - The Darkside


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