sábado, agosto 29, 2009


1. To Be or Not to Be
2. Slick
3. Dance of the Spirits
4. Then and Now
5. Thinking of You
6. Mister M.D.
7. Best of Friends
8. Turkish Delight
9. Blue Blues
10. Welcome... To My "Chambers"
11. Caribbean Sunset
12. For the Folks Back Home

Tom Coster (keyboards),
Bob Berg (sax),
Frank Gambale (guitar),
Alfonso Johnson (bass),
Dennis Chambers (drums),
Raul Rekow (congas),
Karl Perazzo (Timbales)


martes, agosto 25, 2009


1.Time Tunnel
2.Come On In
3.Beneath The Surface
4.Cat Walk
5.Around The World
7.A Little Something
8.From Naples To Heaven
9.Baton Rouge
10.Fine Line
11.High Wire

Steve Smith - Drums
Tom Coster - Keybords
Frank Gambale - Guitar
Baron Browne - Bass


martes, agosto 18, 2009


01. Hear Now
02. Slip'n Side
03. So Close to the Sun
04. Greenwood
05. Your Move
06. Cross Currents
07. Three Tears
08. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)
09. Traveling Light
10. Roxanne's Dance


lunes, agosto 10, 2009


Gerald Veasley (born July 28, 1955) is an American jazz bass guitarist.
Veasley was born and raised in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania where he played in R & B groups as a teenager. He worked with Joe Zawinul from 1988 to 1995, and began releasing his own records in 1992. He has also done extensive work as a studio musician. His 2008 release Your Move hit #12 on the U.S. Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.. Veasley has also worked as a smooth jazz DJ on WJJZ in Philadelphia.


01. Shango
02. Valdez in the Country
03. Coup de Ville
04. Sugar Time
05. Deeper
06. Forever
07. On the Fast Track
08. Spy Is Back, The
09. Bread Puddin'
10. Celebrating Sipho

Gerald Veasley (bass guitar);
Chris Farr (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Matt Cappy (trumpet);
Jeff Bradshaw (trombone);
Peter Kuzma (organ, keyboards, synthesizer);
Mark Knox, Will Brock (keyboards);
Eric Greene (drums);
Pablo Batista (congas, percussion).