miércoles, marzo 25, 2009


01 Dance Afrique
02 Hypnofunk
03 Funky Swing
04 Scratch
05 In the Pocket
06 Travelin'
07 Be Still My Beating Heart
08 Mo Go Go
09 Napoleon's run
10 Tribal Phunk
11 Mimoza
12 Let Me Talk (EWF Cover)
13 Allah

lunes, marzo 23, 2009


1.Chubb Sub
2. Bubblehouse
3. Last Chance to Dance Trance (perhaps)
4. Hermeto`s Daydream
5. Is that Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
6. The Lover
7. Where`s Sly?
8. Macha
9. Beeah
10. Strance on the Spirit Red Gator
11. Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself
12. Dracula
13. Night Marchers


sábado, marzo 21, 2009


El estilo de este guitarrista londinense de orígen jamaicano, que es en justicia considerado como uno de los pioneros de sonido Acid Jazz desde aquel ya lejano 1992 en que viera la luz su primer disco (The Antidote), se desliza tomando como punto de referencia básico de su obra el jazz más depurado (su primer trabajo tiene una dedicatoria expresa a Wess Montgomery) para acabar «contaminándose» (y mucho) de buen funk, fusión y hip-hop, resultando una mezcla explosiva que no por recurrente en los autores de la escena AJ deja de resultar efectiva, máxime cuando es interpretada con el virtuosismo instrumental de Jordan y el elegantísimo talento que derrama este autor en cada uno de sus trabajos.


01. Season For Change
02. In Full Swing
03. Slam in a Jam
04. Mr. Walker
05. The Jackal
06. Come With Me
07. The Morning After
08. Under Your Spell
09. Tinsel Town
10. Vanston Place (Oo Am)

Ronny Jordan (Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Arranger, Keyboards)
Guru (Rap) Sola Akingbola (Percussion)
Ross Anderson (Guitar Rhythm, Programming, Producer, Mixing)
Truth Anthony (Rap) Gary Belfield (Flute, Saxophone)
Dana Bryant (Vocals) Joel Campbell (Synthesizer, Keyboards, Mixing)
Simon "The Funky Ginger" Law (Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Mixing)
Tony Mason (Percussion, Drums, Mixing) Faye Simpson (Vocals)

miércoles, marzo 18, 2009



01 - Intro - 00:13
02 - Emergency Exit - 07:31
03 - Tell Me Something Good - 05:37
04 - Connoisseur Part 1 - 00:29
05 - Reunion - 05:52
06 - Morning View - 04:36
07 - Walkie Talkie - 06:14
08 - Rehearsal Note - 00:17
09 - Side Note - 07:13
10 - Sunset In El Paso - 04:15
11 - Write Me A Song - 00:30
12 - Child's Play - 04:26
13 - Sound Proof - 06:41
14 - Connoisseur Part 2 - 02:28

Greg Howe: guitar
Gianluca Palmieri: drums
Jon Reshard: bass guitar
Dave Cook: keyboards

Greg Howe (born December 8, 1963) is an American guitarist, originally from Easton, Pennsylvania. He began his career on Mike Varney’s Shrapnel Records label in the 1980s, and emerged alongside other «shred» players such as Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore, among others.However, Howe soon developed a distinct style that was more rooted in jazz fusion than the neoclassical leanings of his contemporaries. This unique fusion of styles has become his trademark and easily distinguishes him from any other player working today. His style borrows heavily from the jazz sensibilities of Allan Holdsworth, but also mixes in a bluesy, groove-laden vibe and frequent use of odd time signatures.Howe is perhaps best known for his great skill at improvising.Apart from his solo career, Howe has established himself as a highly sought after session musician, having been hired by mainstream acts such as Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, *NSYNC and Justin Timberlake to perform with them on tour.Greg Howe currently resides in Southern California. He is also a producer and guitar instructor.

lunes, marzo 16, 2009


01. Get To Grips
02. Blues Grinder
03. After Hours (The Antidote)
04. See The New
05. So What
06. Show Me (Your Love)
07. Nite Spice
08. Summer Smile
09. Cool And Funky

Ronny Jordan (vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, programming)
Isabel Roberts (vocals)
IG (rap) Phillip Bent (flute)
Joe Bashorun (piano) Adrian York (organ)
Hugo Delmirani (organ, vibraphone)
Arnie Somejee (acoustic bass) Longsy D (drum programming)


1. Vog
2. Pacifica
3. Gloria Ascending
4. Pineapple
5. Quest
6. Freelance Brown
7. Slow Blues For Fuzy's Mama
8. Lillies That Fester...
9. 122 St. Marks
10. Fima's Sunrise

David Fiuczynski : guitarras

John Medeski : teclados

Fima Ephron : bajo

Jojo Mayer y Gene Lake : batería

Michelle Johnson y Gloria Tropp : voz


viernes, marzo 13, 2009


1.Outside Looking In
2.Dust Pan
5.Midnight Boogie
6.Walkin Willie

Jimmy Mc Griff : organ
Hank Crawford : sax
Eddie Daniels : sax
Jimmy Ponder : guitar.

lunes, marzo 09, 2009


1.Pork Chops & Pasta
2.Please Send Me Someone To Love
3.Secret Love
4.Our Delight
6.The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
7.Rock Candy
8.Funk Pie
9.Black Jack


viernes, marzo 06, 2009


01 Boss City
02 Blue in Green
03 Ocean Ave.
04 She Walks This Earth
05 Sugarloaf Express
06 Possibilities
07 Papa Was a Rolling Stone
08 Morning Glory
09 Captain Fingers
10 P.A.L.S.
11 Night Rhythm
12 Lil' Bumpin
13 Is It You

Lee Ritenour (guitar);
Ivan Lins (vocals, Fender Rhodes piano);
Grady Harrell, Kenya Hathaway (vocals);
Eric Marienthal (flute, saxophone);
Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone);
Chris Botti (trumpet);
Patrice Rushen (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer);
Dave Grusin (piano, Fender Rhodes piano);
Barnaby Finch (keyboards);
Dave Carpenter (double bass);
Melvin Davis, Anthony Jackson (bass guitar);
Harvey Mason, Oscar Seaton (drums);
Alex Acuna, Steve Forman (percussion).


jueves, marzo 05, 2009


1. Sunday
2. Take Me Down
3. Dreamland
4. Queens Road
5. Overture
6. Bird Song
7. Layas
8. Do It
9. Spring
10. The Dancing Bull
11. Autumn Land

Michel Colombier
Michael Boddicker
Michael Brecker
Larry Carlton
Peter Erskine
Steve Gadd
Herbie Hancock
Jerry Knight
Airto Moreira
Ray Parker Jr.
Jaco Pastorious
Lee Ritenour
Tom Scott.


1. Give Up The Booty
2. Can't Hide Love
3. Cherrystones
4. My Place In Space
5. Born To Groove / From You To Me To You
6. Slippery Hips

Jimmy Smith
Herbie Hancock
Lenny White
Abraham Laboriel
Alan Silvestri
Steve Forman
Stanley Behrens
George Bohannon
Ernie Watts
Fred Jackson
Nolan Smith
Kim Hutchcroft
Chuck Findley
Jerry Hey


domingo, marzo 01, 2009


1. Back On The Track
2. Chris Cross
3. Miss Poopie
4. The Bird Wave
5. Spear For Moondog Part I
6. Sper For Moondog Part II
7. Tight Times
8. Spinning Wheel
9. Funky Junk


1. Touch Of Heaven
2. I Adore Mi Amor
3. Just An Illusion
4. Breezy
5. All I'll Ever Ask
6. Noah's Ark
7. Loving Every Moment
8. Burn It Up
9. Skyline
10. Deep Inside Your Love
11. Here We Go
12. Until We Meet Again
13. Whenever We're Together

Najèe: Saxes, Flutes, Keyboards, Programing, Liner Notes
Marcus Miller: Bass, Keyboards
Abraham Laboriel: Bass
Freddie Washington: Bass
Poogie Bell: Drums
Steve Skinner: Keyboards, Synths, Arranger
Paul Pesco: Guitar
Mitch Foreman: keyboards
Paul Jackson, Jr: Guitars
Alec Shantzis: Bass, Keyboards
Will Downing: Vocals
Freddie Jackson: Vocals
George Duke: Synclavier, Keyboards, Arranger