sábado, marzo 21, 2009


01. Season For Change
02. In Full Swing
03. Slam in a Jam
04. Mr. Walker
05. The Jackal
06. Come With Me
07. The Morning After
08. Under Your Spell
09. Tinsel Town
10. Vanston Place (Oo Am)

Ronny Jordan (Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Arranger, Keyboards)
Guru (Rap) Sola Akingbola (Percussion)
Ross Anderson (Guitar Rhythm, Programming, Producer, Mixing)
Truth Anthony (Rap) Gary Belfield (Flute, Saxophone)
Dana Bryant (Vocals) Joel Campbell (Synthesizer, Keyboards, Mixing)
Simon "The Funky Ginger" Law (Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Mixing)
Tony Mason (Percussion, Drums, Mixing) Faye Simpson (Vocals)

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